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We are dedicated to maintain the high education standards of the Department of Industrial Relations, American Psychological Association, and State Bar of California to provide continuing education for QME, APA, and MCLE credits. We integrate your feedback to regularly improve our products and your experience.

Mental health Matters

Our trainings are uniquely geared toward those in the mental health field. We focus on clinical and forensic areas of study.  We provide an avenue for professionals gain a foundation in forensic and clinical mental health that that can use toward developing or advancing their forensic psychology career or preparing for cases.

Advanced training

Provide advanced training on the cultural differences in evaluations in forensic and clinical settings and enhance knowledge of evidence based treatments for clinical and forensic mental health issues..Assist professionals maintaining a high level of ethics and understanding of those ethics pertaining to the practice of mental health.

Multi-media approach

We have different forms of media for our audiences. We have trainings that are live and distance. Check on the page for blog-postings and newsletter on the latest topics. There is also a resource page to direct you to areas of interest for more of the current updates in the mental health community. 


There are distance learning option when we need an on-the-go training to accommodate our busy schedules. 


We have live training sessions that allow discussions and collaboration. Get access to our live online lectures that allow you to interact with others taking the course, as well as the instructors.

Progress Tracking

We’re focused on your outcomes and you’ll be able to monitor your training progress with our many progress tracking tools. 


Get your APA and QME continuing education credits here. Some courses share credits as well.
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