Whether you are a mental health professional, QME, an attorney, or any combination of the above, we are here to provide access to information. The connection to data and integrating that into our professional careers. Below you will find links to a variety of resources on various websites based on the specialized knowledge you are looking to access. Don't forget to check on our postings and articles, as well as our News Page - Just click on the Resources link above and see the drop down menu. 
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American Psychological Association

Take a look at the research highlights - PTSD, Substance use, cultural conflicts, and  more..

American Psychiatric Association 

Practice Guidelines for easy access to the current research and practical applications of mental health conditions

American Medical Association

Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA Network Open™.  Open access to a variety of cutting-edge research topics in the medical field. 

QMEs Resources                         

Department of Industrial Relations - Division of Workers Compensation

Physician's Guide 2016 

DWC - FAQs PAge for QMEs

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Gain insight from a variety of questions other QMEs, providers, and prospective QMEs have posed 

Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule  - MTUS GUIDELINES

At your fingertips - click below to be taken to the DIR website to look up those guidelines 

Forensic Mental health professionals

American Psychological Association - Psychology and Law 

See the newsletters and current information at your fingertips. 

American Board of Forensic Psychology - ABFP

Look into Board Certification in Forensic Psychology. This is a commitment to maintain the highest standards in forensic practice

American Psychological association - Journal Article Spotlights

APA Journals Article Spotlight® is a free summary of recently published articles in an APA Journal.

Attorney Information

Harvard Law School - Legal research resources

Legal and Law-related Research databases across legal specialties 

American Bar Association

Top legal stories for your legal updates across the nation

State Bar of California - Legal Research

Listing of free legal research sites available on the internet for legal research at your fingertips 
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